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Expert Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance and capacity-building services to help communities and organizations address various needs and access tools, methodologies, coaching, subject matter expertise, and other resources to administer, manage, and maintain operations, programs, and systems and to advance and improve in demonstrable ways.

Our technical assistance and capacity-building services include information assistance and expertise, community education, needs evaluation and plan development, and assistance to help community members and organizations collaborate to participate effectively in decision-making, program planning, deployment, management, and improvement.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

     Community Outreach

     Compliance Management

     Compliance Monitoring

     Executive Coaching

     Facilitation of Leadership and Steering Committees and Community Groups 

     Facilitation of Meetings

     Facilitation of Workgroups, Advisory Groups, Task Groups 

     Gap Analysis

     Language Translations

     Market Research

     Needs Assessments

     Process, Program, Policy, Sytems Documentation

     Process, Program, Systems Design, and Implementation

     Project and Change Management

     Quality Assurance Management

     Readability, Plain Language Consulting

     Risk Assessment

     Strategic Planning

     Technical Advisor Services During Community Meetings

     Technical Documents Development

     Technical Documents Review

     Training and Workshops

     User Experience Improvement

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